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Announcing Facebuddha Book Launch - Save the Date (roughly)! - and CAAM on PBS

May 2nd 2017

Dear all, It's my pleasure to announce that FACEBUDDHA: TRANSCENDENCE IN THE AGE OF SOCIAL NETWORKS will be published this fall! I'm planning on a launch event on roughly Wednesday, September 27 from 7-9pm. IMPORTANT: I'm trying to gauge interest in this event. I plan to sell tickets at about $30 a pop - in exchange you'll get a HARDCOVER COPY of the book, be treated to a short lecture, and a dialogue with me and someone else along with Q and A. Would you be interested? REPLY YES TO THIS EMA ...Continue Reading

CAAMFest Opening Night and more from Ravi Chandra

March 10th 2017

Hi all, Thanks for joining me on this journey! As many of you know, I've been the CAAMFest Superfan for 12 years now. Here are my latest blogposts, and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter (below) to keep up to date on all the latest. This newsletter only comes once every few months, with a special CAAMFest edition. Here are the latest MEMOIRS OF A SUPERFAN (MOSF) blog posts!!! And some film recs! [1]MOSF 12.5: MAKE AMERICA THE TIGER HUNTER directed by Lena Khan and starring Dann ...Continue Reading

Ravi Chandra, M.D., Psychiatrist and Writer: BBC, Compassion for Trump? and CAAMFest!!!

February 21st 2017

Hi all! Happy Year of the Rooster and 2017, and thanks for staying with me! In this email blast: 1. [1]Compassion for Trump? A well-received Psychology Today blogpost asking what would the stages of compassion for Trump look like. 2. [2]Donald Trump as the Fisher King: #DonaldAreYouOkay? A followup post tying in the Grail legend of the Fisher King to our current predicament. 3. [3]The BBC interviewed me! I'm in the first 12 minutes of this show, talking about compassion f ...Continue Reading

A special message from Ravi Chandra, M.D. post Election

November 10th 2016

Dear Readers, Thanks for continuing to be on my list. Your presence means a lot to me. As I made quite clear in my blogs and in our conversations, I have been a strong Democratic, Obama and now Clinton supporter. I know some of you are Trump supporters, and I congratulate you on your victory. You have been waiting to be heard, and you have been - now I hope that as your party holds such enormous power, they will hear and be responsible to our side of the political fence. I have grave fea ...Continue Reading

October Surprises from Ravi Chandra :) (Including a LitCrawl reading!)

October 7th 2016

Hi all, Thanks for staying with me! It's been a great summer of writing and events! I hope to have some publication news for you in the near future. 1. LitCrawl reading, part of LitQuake 2016 (Saturday, October 15 at 8:30 pm) 2. Letter to Young Activists (and others interested in self-care and healing in these trying times) 3. More Pacific Heart blog posts of note (especially for new subscribers), including an article on Rome, Georgia 4. Some great book picks fro ...Continue Reading

July Roundup from Ravi Chandra

July 9th 2016

Hi all! Thanks for being onboard with this occasional newsletter! In this edition:1. Queens International: my writing for their biennial is live! Data, the Social Being and the Social Network2. On Angela Duckworth’s Grit (which I haven’t read, but that didn’t stop me from having opinions about it :) based on all the critiques)3. A great podcast, Invisibilia, on psychological themes - including personality change in prison, and acceptance of mental illness4. SEOUL SEARCHING - a fantastic Asian ...Continue Reading

From Ravi Chandra, M.D.: A Noble Sadness - and Nonduality

April 28th 2016

Hi friends, Thanks for subscribing! I have two posts on Psychology Today this week that hopefully will be of interest to you. I hope you can click through on at least one of them - that helps me know that these messages are getting to you smiley [1]A Noble Sadness: The Benefits of Sorrow Anger is more viral, but sadness is more connecting. This essay probes sadness as a sobering and connecting force. [2]Moped Mind: Mindfulness and Nonduality Inspire in Vietnam This essay bridges ...Continue Reading

Welcome back! From Ravi Chandra

March 29th 2016

Hello! Thanks for being on my email list! As a bonus, please visit this link to download my free e-book on anger. This includes essays on Asian American male and female anger, domestic violence, as well as social media rage, as well as a few poems about anger. This last essay is an excerpt from my book-in-progress, Facebuddha: Transcendence in the Age of Social Networks. You will also find a link to my poetry book, published in 2011, and including poems from the groundbreaking anthology I ...Continue Reading

From Ravi Chandra: Encore screening of TYRUS plus a free Spiritually Themed Short Film online

March 18th 2016

For those of you in the East Bay or willing to travel, there will be an encore, regularly priced screening of TYRUS directed by Pamela Tom ’83 will be at the New Parkway Theater on Sunday March 20 at 12:30. This was just announced. [1]TYRUS - Tickets available here 474 24th Street, Oakland, CA 94612 Here’s [2]what I wrote about it on opening night. And if you’re interested, [3]here’s my most recent comprehensive blog post about the festival, featuring films about prisoner turned ...Continue Reading

#CAAMFest and more

March 9th 2016

Hi all, March brings more than the usual number of emails from me, because of CAAMFest, which runs March 10-20. Here are my most recent blog posts about the festival. My coverage of the festival experience itself will [1]start this Friday, after Opening Night's TYRUS screening and party. There are still tickets available. Enter TYRUS50 code at [2]checkout to receive the $50 Friends & Family rate for combo tickets! (Regular price is $65). When you “enter promotion code” a new “guest ...Continue Reading